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What Our Clients Are Saying
“It was always going to be a difficult task finding someone who could create the framework of a site, together with all the supporting material that allows us to communicate not only our range of products and processes, but also our core business values. The potential complexity of our site was what held us back from developing anything meaningful in the past.

BHF Technologies Blue H2O Website - Enterprise Package ExampleWhen I look at our competitor sites, those that stand out clearly require a team of marketing people developing the site almost continuously. Then we see the medium to small companies and their sites expose their limitations: the small company thinking and budget. A weak website seems almost damaging to what may be a good business. This was always a concern of ours.

I feel that the team at Squiddy Web Design clearly understood our needs and ensured they were met, through the process of setting and helping us develop clear goals and expectations, producing detailed written drafts, site maps and plans, and spending time with our staff to really understand our products, our business, and company philosophy. Their most valuable asset is a relentless ability to attend to almost everything immediately and stay motivated to complete the task at hand.

It was a pleasure working with them and having their continued support. We appreciate their work in developing our website.”

Wayne Shub
Managing Director
Blue H2O Filtration / BHF Technologies