New Site Launch – Party Hire Direct

This week we helped launch the Party Hire Direct website, a new web directory for entertainers and party suppliers throughout Australia.

The main attraction of the site is its cost. Zero. Unlike many web directories, it costs nothing to list your business on the site, and it costs nothing to accept a booking. Nor does it costs anything to make a booking.

Secondly, it’s really easy to use. Listings can be submitted and updated by suppliers, but ultimately Party Hire Direct manages the listings. This ensures that all images and text content are relevant and high quality – a real concern in terms of search engine optimisation and earning visitors’ trust.

For suppliers there is plenty of online help and pro tips on how to manage party bookings. Not only can they upload a photo gallery and documents to their listing, but they can include embedded audio, video, and a link to their own website.

The social media links have been configured to share the supplier’s page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ rather than simply leading to the supplier’s own social media pages. This means that social backlinks to the site are actively created by suppliers and visitors themselves.

The Client Hints & Tips section functions as a blog for party ideas and latest trends for weddings and corporate events.

The site comes with a five year marketing plan, built on a foundation of high web traffic and interaction. Stage one involves building up the supplier list to at least 300 individual suppliers, after which ads will be incorporated into the site and subscriber level listings enabled so that suppliers can subscribe and be featured on the site. Party Hire Direct also has plans to represent selected entertainment suppliers on its site as a traditional agent, handling all details of a booking and taking a commission.

Web directories are a tough business these days. They are very competitive and Google now penalises sites for indiscriminate content creation. This is an example of a web directory done right.

You can visit the Party Hire Direct site at:

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