Web Copywriting
Content is king. An image may speak a thousand words, but the bread and butter of a great website is engaging, interesting, relevant text copy. Few things are more damaging to your reputation than shoddy English; prospective clients quickly lose faith in your attention to detail and question your professionalism in other areas. So here at Squiddy Web Design we take web copy very seriously.

Professional web copy for your site.
Informative blog articles that drive traffic.
Engaging business descriptions.

Yes, We Also Do Print
Company histories and overviews
Biographies and ghost writing
Professional CVs
Advertising copy
Press releases
Magazine articles

Backed by Professional Copyediting & Proofreading
Not even the best of the best get it right the first time. Good editing takes the rough shape of your idea and brings it out in fine detail. It creates a cohesive structure to your work. It makes clear what was once muddy, and applies a coat of polish to the final piece. Good editing is indispensable.

Squiddy’s wordsmiths have spent thousands of hours turning muddy writing into clear, memorable prose. Whether it’s a website, business document, work of fiction, letter, article, or CV, we will make it stand out boldly from competitors. And for those who feel their writing needs only a final touch-up, our proofreading service can really make it shine.

Need your website content proofed before it goes live?
Want a thorough edit of your prize-winning short story?
Have trouble writing in clear English because it is not your first language?
Want your thesis or essay checked for spelling, grammar, and punctuation?
Need a proofreader for your manuscript before it goes to the publishing house?
Require someone to touch up your important business correspondence?
Simply wonder where that apostrophe goes?

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