Web Design

Websites That Work
No two businesses are the same, so each Squiddy website is a unique creation. Many web designers use the same template for every business and simply drag-and-drop your content in; we develop sites from the ground up, hard-coding most of the functionality and appearance, to ensure that your site runs and looks just right, and stands out in the crowd. With a Squiddy website nothing is impossible, so tell us what your dream site looks like and we will make it come to life.

We create sites that are…
Stylish, with eye-catching graphic design and a pleasing aesthetic.
Compatible. Squiddy sites look great and function smoothly on all major browsers and devices.
Intuitive, enabling clients to easily navigate and find what they need.
Quick-loading. Because your clients want information fast.
Well-written. We create clear, precise, relevant, engrossing copy.
Interactive. We utilise logins, newsletters, comments, video, animations, social media, audio, blogs, web forms, calculators, and more.
Manageable. You can easily maintain a Squiddy website yourself, with some help from our online support documentation.
Visible. Our sites are search engine friendly. We ensure that you are easily found by prospective clients.
Flexible. We can create a website to your exact specifications, or work off a rough outline.
Dynamic. Squiddy websites are built to display fresh content regularly, boosting Google rankings and increasing return traffic.
Versatile. We build everything from single page online CVs to multi-page, content-driven business and e-commerce sites.

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