Web Marketing

Boost Your Online Presence
Put your product or service in front of potential clients on the web with a targeted marketing strategy. Online marketing is all about getting value for money. Anyone who has been in business knows the significant expense involved in traditional advertising, and those who have delved into paid online advertising would know that it can be an expensive proposition too, often with little or no return on investment.

Here at Squiddy Web Design we take an organic approach to web marketing. Working with the latest information about search engine algorithms we develop a strategy that meets your needs, without the waste. With a focus on organic SEO through the development of dynamic, meaningful content, we work in partnership with our clients and their staff to ensure that their website and its associated online presence is maintained and regularly refreshed.

Our marketing strategies include…
Search engine friendly features built into your website from the ground up.
SEO keyword research.
Development of quality content.
Creation and administration of high quality backlinks.
Social media integration and profile maintenance.
Google account management.
Creation and maintenance of online directory listings.
Automated e-newsletter function for bulk mailouts.
In-house marketing plan for ongoing management of online marketing by your staff.
Cost-effective strategies for paid advertising schemes such as Adwords (if required).
Recouping of advertising costs through third party advertising schemes such as Adsense (if required).

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